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May 28 2011

get ready…get set…

I received notification today that it has been four months since I set up this blog.  Figured the email was enough of a nudge to get me back on to start documentation of my journey in earnest.
Math and Science test study session on Monday.  Induction starts on Tuesday.  Finally finished reading TAL.  Working on finishing up the other required reading.  Then have the rest of my reflection writing to do.  It’s good stuff and I don’t regret spending time with it.
I’m so looking forward to getting to meet all the CMs I have been chatting with over Facebook.  Seems like a pretty diverse group of folks, with a lot of different interests and points of view.  I’m hoping to extend the virtual friendships that I think are developing into something more corporeal.
I hope I remember all this stuff I’m supposed to bring…and still have to hit Kinkos to print out…

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Mar 04 2011

Education Overload

I’ve been working through the Pre-Institute stuff since I downloaded the .pdfs off of the TFAnet site and am currently working through the reading for Exercise 2.  My problem is that I probably don’t read as quickly as others and I find the content so interesting that I read every word.  I’ve also picked up…

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Jan 29 2011

In the Beginning…

I’ve read just about everything available from the Resource Center at TFA’s webpage.  Logged onto TFAnet and read through all the institute stuff that’s currently there.  Now, I’ve started reading through the blog posts here and I’m really kinda wondering what I’ve gotten myself into.  I’m a bit concerned with what I have read, but…

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